torstai 26. tammikuuta 2012

Happened in India

December 2011 in New Delhi took me as a surprise, it was cold!?! Day time it was ok, temperature around +20'C, but in the evening it went down to few plus degrees -brrr. Suitcase full of summer clothes did not help much. I was missing my wooly socks back home, never could imagine to take them to INDIA with me. Could you? 
Well, the flue got me! Eventually it turned in to a hilarious act as I totally lost my voice in this tropical country. Also being a native Finn used to radical climate change Indians weather caught me. With some heavy overdose of TULSI and local herbal treatment I was back in business in no time! 

Me and Mrs Designer also got the change to visit the tomb of LOVE: 
AMAZING EXPERIENCE! We took some promo pictures for LOVEHANDLES and got into many other tourists photo albums as they thought we where some "celebrities" or something... Funny and confusing. The sentence from our guide echoed in my eyers all day: "With no wife - no life". 
Second time in Delhi everything was different, everything just had a different touch to it, more familiar feeling, more professional approach both in business and social wise. 
The goal was clearer than ever and I enjoyed every bit of it! One step closer to my dream:
The Beauty Of Lovehandles -collection 2012! 

Here's some pictures from the journey. I believe they tell more than a thousand words... 
India 4you: This is what you see on your way to work, from auto-rickshaws to cows. Gotta just love the contrast! 

Going with me everywhere (ones even swam in Lassi) my faithful friend: inspiration & note book. 

Brainstorming in a show room with great designers Anu & Manu. 

Stay focused! HOW, when life is filled with these colors?!? 

Looking like a true business woman with Finpro representatives. 

Find the designer Manu in the human jungle! :-)



keskiviikko 4. tammikuuta 2012

a Dream


"Dreams can come true, look at me baby I'm with you. You know you gotta have hope, you know you gotta be strong".

2011 for me was a dream come true! I followed my intuition and believed in my dream becoming a clothing retailer/designer/entrepreneur for my own plus size brand: Lovehandles. 
I started with a seed, a thought, a dream that grew in to bigger proportions. On this journey I have met the right people that has helped me. On this path universe has questioned me, put some obstacle along the way, but I have overcome many cos I BELIEVED in my DREAM. 

I kissed Taj Mahal and I liked it! :-)

Tell you all about my resent India visit in my next post.
Stay tuned and keep BELIEVING!