tiistai 3. huhtikuuta 2012


Today one of my extended family member gave birth to a cute  <3 baby boy <3. Congratulations!
I remember her early stage of pregnancy very well, cos I was expecting at the time too...

Today I'm going to India to meet my newcomer - The Beauty of Lovehandles collection. 
My other baby didn't survive to see the day light, but my other "baby" will.

This all happening the same day, well I tell u, life is just great when u see the big picture. 

Here's some photos from the past weekend when designing the packing material for 
The Beauty Of Lovehandles - collection together with Mrs Designer

Omg, I look old in this picture... and like my mum -with all the love of course. :-)

Mrs Designer is SO talented and a mind reader! This package is gonna BLOW your mind!


Collection out and available on-line June 2012. 


2 kommenttia:

  1. HYVÄ SUVI! Onnea uudelle babylle! Oon TOSI ylpee susta!!

    XXX, Monna

    1. Monnaaaaa!!! KIITOS kaunis. Viimeistaään sitten lanseerausbileissä nähdään, ur so V I P! :-)