tiistai 19. helmikuuta 2013

In G O O D company

We all have our blessings in life. 
One of mine occurred last autumn when I realized I am going to be a mother again!!!
My first trimester (3 months) went fairly fast. A heavy nauseated feeling kept reminding me of how undeniably pregnant I was. 

My first Ultrasound was scheduled to be around my pregnancy Week12. During the scanning the midwife inquired if we (my husband and I) could see anything "different" in the ultra picture. "Noup" - was our reply.
On that note, she announced, there were TWO fetuses growing in me!!!!
We could not conceal our J O Y!!!!! We both screamed as though we had won a Lottery Jackpot!!


25th pregnancy week. 

To train myself and my family mentally for what is coming ahead, I have registered our family with the Helsingin Seudun Monikkoperheet ry . Here we get to meet other families with twins and information about the experiences they have been through. I was also pleasantly surprised when during one of those information sharing sessions the doctor shared a slide set of famous persons with twins.
I could say I'm in a good company! :-)

The babies are estimated to arrive May 2013.



Suvi and Family (Leslie, Maia, Daniel)

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  1. News of the day, that made me cry for a joy.


  2. Onnea Suvi ja koko perhe! Hieno uutinen!

    1. Kiitos Minna onnitteluista! Ihanaa kevättä teidän poppoolle, x o x o

  3. wau! isot onnittelut sinulle ja perheellesi <3

  4. wow! congrats darling! I am a rwin myslef by the way...

    1. Hello there, long time!

      Thank you so much, I'm really exited. Wow, do u have a twin brother or a sister?
      How are u anyway?

      x o x o x o