torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011

Pearls from online

My first experience shopping online from H&M didn't quite go by the book. Sizes where not right for me. Instead of returning these FAB pieces I decided to pass them on for YOU! Write on the comment box if your interested. Prizes shown with the items + shipping fee is added (depending where the garment is going). ATTN. clothes has NOT been used, tags on.

First, this AMAZING strapless coral dress with cute black hearts<3.
Size 46 (bust 104cm, waist 88cm, hips 112cm), 19,95€, by H&M

Second, this romantic, antique blue top with a belt. If you have a long back the style can be quite short.
Size 46 (bust 104cm, waist 88cm, hips 112cm), 14,95€, by H&M


Good night..

11 kommenttia:

  1. Menisköhän mulle? Tuun ens viikolla kylään sovittamaan. Mikä päivä ois teille hyvä?


  2. Jonna, katso mitat olisiko sopivat?

  3. Tää on just tätä, millä kaavalla noi mitat vastaa 46 kokoa, hm kaavalla.. No, releet on kuiteskin ihanat, toivottavasti ne löytää uuden ihanan omistajan :).

  4. i like this top! but especially i love the dress
    i like your blog!i follow you, and i hope u'll follow me back!

  5. I really like the dress! Im a little worried about the size it very tight fitting? ...oh its so pretty!! :D


  6. Thanks Deborah,
    I'll make sure to visit your glog :-)!

  7. Dear A_riot,
    the measures are written down next to the dress info. Its tight, but has some stretch in the material. The design is really flattering to a curvy body, think about it.