maanantai 8. elokuuta 2011

Working Woman

This image represents well the past months work I've gone true. 
Im so exited that I can share some brilliant news with you SOOOON.
Until then I can just reveille that I have an existing company now -congratulations! 

It's been a very interesting road so far, especially for someone who's starting up a company the first time in their life. Everything you do you have to learn as a new skill and paper work is not the strongest ability of mine. Working on it :-) .
I'm very fortunate to have such skilled family & friends around me to help -THANK YOU! 

Stay put with Love Handles, something HUGE coming up soon...


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  1. Moikka Satu,
    Kiva kun jätit viestiä, sen kautta löysin sinut ja blogisi!
    "Tykkää" meistä FB:ssä: Love Handles

    Ihanaa päivää,