tiistai 30. elokuuta 2011

Accountable beauty?

This week I have come across these editorial commercials in various fashion magazines. 
Let's think what's the purpose of a fashion photo-shoot? 
Usually it is to sell the fashion items on models, set a good image for the brand and to attract the customer towards the brand. Right? 
When I saw these pictures I wasn't attracted at all, repulsive would more describe it.

What is beautiful? What's healthy?
What kind of image are we creating for our kids/youth to look up to?

I would say, not too fat, not too skinny.
But who measures it, who has the last saying are you ok or not?
If your happy in life it usually reflects in all doing. If your content in your self it usually shows outside.
This is my measure.

I took these pictures as an example what the fashion marketing industry thinks we customer feel drawn to.
I don't!
I'm not directly the target group ether and yes I am, cos I follow whats happening around me in the fashion business.

Again I'm happy to notice I'm in the right path of creating something new, but still very common, in the sense that that's what we see around us every day.

All you fashion bloggers, designers, photographers etc. which has a healthy approach and a common sense towards fashion -I salute you!

Whats your feeling of this pics?

XO, Suvi

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