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TAG: My Plus size fashion style

My fellow curvy blogger Holika from LA DIVA DELLE CURVE tag't me in a post revealing more about the everyday behavior about the clothes you wear and how you follow the fashion.  

My answers:

  • Height: 170cm
  • Clothing size: 48/50EUR, 20UK, 16US
  • Shoe size: 41/42 EUR
  • Body shape (apple, pear, hourglass, banana, strawberry?): Hourglass. 
  • Favorite clothing item: If you got a nice pare of jeans its easy to match them with a good looking top. My trip this spring to India introduced me to KURTA clothing style. Easy, comfy to wear, mach them with leggings or jeans. Read more about the Indian style here. I'm always happy to discover something new. 
  • Clothing item you cannot stand: If the clothes you wear does not fit you: too small, too big -that can be tricky. Last autumn I was walking the streets of London in a dress and too small panty hoes that where rolling down from my waist. I felt like an idiot and very uncomfortable. In the end I strip them down in the middle of a street. I have come across some very poor quality jeans that stretches in a unshaped fit after heavy use. If you have to lift your jeans up repeatedly thats not nice eater. 
  • Favorite accessories: EARRINGS! I have a billion pare -can't get enough of those. SUNGLASSES!
  • Skirt or pants: Usually pants, but skirts service a good purpose during summer time. 
  • Jeans? What style and cut you prefer: Usually skinny jeans and not low cut waist. 
  • Body part I like to enhance: Can't think of a separate "part".
  • Body part I try to hide: Tummy. 
  • Colors I like to wear: You can basically see me in ANY (except brown, khaki, beige -shade's) colors, I LOVE COLORS! Choice for the day reflects my general mood and state of mind. 
  • What clothes I cannot wear: A fluffy dress or a tutu skirt. 
  • What outfit suits my best: Loose blouse, skinny jeans and heals. Tunic with leggings. 
  • Heels or not: Its a pain to find heels that are comfy. I have tons of shoes I don't use that much anymore, cos of the comfy factor. I would use more heels if I would find the right ones. Uncomfortable shoes, can't take that. 
  • Favorite style swimsuit: Tankini with a high waist "trunks". I have never worn a bikini. 
  • Favorite lingerie style: Underwired, large straps bras. High waisted panties. Sounds really hot -not :-).Usually cotton, but lace is luxurious for special occasions. Last years I have learned to except my true body size and true that I finally wear right size lingerie. Sometimes I wear corsets, I love the support on those. I usually don't like to wear panty hoes, stay up's make's me feel sexy.
  • My personal style (bohemian, retro, romantic, rock, casual, sporty, classic etc.): A great mix of all styles, less sporty though.  
  • Favorite plus size icon: Marilyn Monroe (not really a plus size -love her looks anyway), Adele, Queen Latifah, Chaka Khan, Jennifer Hudson (is she a plus size anymore?).
  • Favorite plus size model: Don't know many, but Tara Lynn I do like.
  • Is there a plus size icon that you or someone else think your personal style or body type reflects to: Some has said that I look like Ann Nicole Smith (RIP).    
  • Favorite curvy fashion blogger: I really like Beyond sizes / Thina -blog. Her posts are interesting and up to date.
  • Favorite plus size fashion you tuber: ?
  • Plus size fashion brands you prefer: Asos, Zizzi, City Chic, Evans, Dorothy Perkins, Primark (uups).
  • Favorite plus size designer: I totally LOVE what LOVEHANDLES has to offer you soon... But mean while: Monif C. and Carma Koma. Have not ordered anything from them yet. I like the designs, style. 
  • Favorite regular size fashion designer: I love the dresses of Elie Saab! Prada and Chloe usually draws my attention. Label's don't impress me, interesting design and quality does.
  • Where do you usually shop for clothes: Gina Tricot, HM, Zizzi. I buy most of my clothes abroad.
  • Places where you usually buy shoes: Very random!
  • Places you usually buy your lingerie: Funky Lady, Lindex. 
  • Do you prefer buying clothes on-line or shops: Both. On-line shops has to have a good website, but unfortunately you don't see that often. 
  • When choosing clothes, do you go for comfort or looks: They totally walk hand in hand. I have learned that in good time. 
  • When buying clothes, do you go for quality or convenience: Working with clothes almost all my adult life I have learned to avoid some materials that don't service you in a long run. I usually know from experience as a customer which products from which brands to buy from. I love good bargains and to get value for money.  
  • What sort of relationship do you have towards your body and fashion: My body is my temple. Carry it, treat it as you wish it to serve your porpoise. I'm not only my body, I'm something more, something whole. What comes to fashion, what is fashion these days? There is many trends out there where to pick from. We plus size women are somehow restricted though. My "fashion" is that I can choose to dress up how I feel each and every day, it's a form of art, way of expressing you self. My mission is to break boundaries, give another change to dress up how you fit. Love the clothes you'r in, love what's beneath it! 

Now I'll tag some plus size bloggers I would like to answer these questions:
Mimmi & Peppi from More to Love,
Thina from Beyond Sizes,

XO, Suvi

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  1. wow very cool and informative, this tag seems to be quite interesting and I'm glad I started it! You must be a true beauty... hourglass resambling Ann Nicole Smith!! anyways... I'm very curious about your upcoming fashion line, do keep me updated so I can feature it on the blog as well. I totally hear you on the kurta (or kurti when they are shorter and go well with jeans, what Indians call Indo-western style), I sometimes buy suits keeping in mind how the kurta will look with jeans/leggings/jeggings (just hate that some lovely designer kurtas cannot be tailored for big busted ladies). I loved buying them in Calcutta, it's the cheapest place to buy clothes (I adore shopping in delhi, but sometimes it's too expensive for me).

  2. Are they kidding, Suvi?! Anna Nicole Smith? You are MUCH more beutiful!

  3. Hello Ladien and thanks for your flattering comments :-) !
    The questioner IS very interesting and informative. Like Holika said, she's happy to started it -me too!

    Enjoy the day,
    XO, Suvi

  4. Hanks for sharing your plus size fashion style. I'm getting quite a lo of ideas from you.

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