maanantai 20. helmikuuta 2012


Whats EVERYONE talking about now? Yes, ADELE.
That amazing woman with the sound to die for. That magnificent charisma she shines around her in every performance, you can even feel it true the telly. 
That woman who writes songs about heart breaking experiences from her own life. That talented, beautiful woman who really seems to be what she is. That woman who gives "hope" to plus size women to be who they are no matter of their size. 

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Personally I salute the fashion industry (especially Vogue) of taking Adele to the cover of their magazines. It's about time we give some room to full figured women in these commercial highly respected communities. What I don't understand is why they try to make Adele look the same as "size something" much smaller than she really is?
Below some photos of the US Vogue march 2012 issue with Adele. Beautiful pics but why are they so heavily airbrushed? Isn't the fashion industry ready for real beauty with some fat?
March 2012

I wonder what Adele thinks of these pictures, is there some thought-provokating contradiction in her mind too?


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