torstai 2. helmikuuta 2012

Finnish Fashion

Twice a year Finnish Catwalk gathers together Finnish designers and fashion lovers in a runway show at the heart of Helsinki.
The event is free of charge, which is good for everyone to be able to partake. But in the other hand I think with a phew € entry fee we could support our designers and the organization behind this event. Also to keep the event among people who is there for the right reason - FASHION!

Here's some of my favorite styles form the runway:

Nanso by Katri Niskanen

Nanso by Anna Ruohonen  

design by katri/n


Mai Niemi

Mai Niemi


Last but not least: Tyra Therman's fabulous underwear collection. These are luxury items, underwear that can show! 

Tyra Therman  

Tyra Therman  

Tyra Therman  

Tyra Therman  

Next time, apparently in August we hope to see LOVEHANDLES @the runway! Just wondering can they provide us full figured plus size models..?


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