perjantai 17. kesäkuuta 2011

INCLUSIVE by H&M -collection SALE!

These (below) great H&M clothes that I ordered online from their plus size collection INCLUSIVE was unfortunately wrong size for me. In their size chart I would be a size 52, but in "real life" I'm more like a EUR 48/50. 
I really hope someone would find these items cos they are FAB! And I hope HM will produce more items for this collection in the future. Not sure about that, cos the collection was launched around march 2011 and after that haven't seen, heard anything new about it.
Here's your chance.. (items has not been used)!


Tanktop dress. Size EUR 52, UK 26. Prize 30€. 

Close up. 



For more details mail: or leave a comment, thanks!
(prizes presented without delivery fee)

9 kommenttia:

  1. hi, I would be interested to know the measurements of the first dress and the second top... also from Italy we cannot order anything from this collection... :(

  2. Hi Holika,
    About the first dress in this post. Check out the link, you'll see the dress on a model (not a plus size model..) with a black belt on the waist. Measures: bust 120cm, waist (high up) 110cm. According to HM size chart (you can check that online) with these measures I would be a their size 52, but 48/50 would had been better for me. This dress has to fit well, even a bit tight that it looks good! Lovely details is pockets on the side:).
    What top do you mean?

  3. :( I guess it's too small for my bust...

  4. Hi ^__^
    can you tell me the measuremets of the pencil skirt?

  5. Holika,
    It's kind of a challenge to measure the clothes, at least for me..
    Would you like to send me your bust & waist measure (here or e-mail), so I'll see could the tankdress (it's sooooo beautifuuuuuul) fit?
    Also look at the measures for HM online shopping and size 52. In "real life" it's more than that.
    Have a great Day,

  6. Cioa Miria,
    nice to meet you!

    The pencil skirt (easier to measure) measures about:
    waist (high up model) 110cm, hips 120cm.

    Enjoy the day,

  7. thank you, but unfortunately it doesn't fit me! :(
    thank you anyway!