maanantai 18. huhtikuuta 2011

India on my mind

India Fashion week

My journey toward making one of my dreams come true has taken a giant leap (not the band, lol). 
I'm going to meet my new (hopefully) clothing manufacturing partner in India, New Delhi next month. 
Now you probably wonder how on earth did I found one from there? Well, I didn't my close friend Mrs. J did. She was spending a month in south India relaxing on a holiday. Her knowing my plans, vision, ideas, she met someone on her way that matched the picture. One thing let to the other and now I have my ticked booked. Never been there, just ask how excited I am!

Ladies, soon you'll have the chance to wrap your curvy bodies on fantastic fabrics, colors and designs that will make justice for whom you are. Dressing up is not only a daily routine to cover your Eve costume, it's a state of mind, its an expression what you feel, intuitively your color choosing sends a message out to others -what color fits your "needs" today.

Lovehandles goes India, stay put and I'll keep you posted!

2 kommenttia:

  1. huiiii tàmàhàn on huisin jànnittàvàà! meetkò sà ihan yksinàsi?

  2. Eikö olekkin.. Lähden Jennin kanssa reissuun, suureen seikkailuun :-) !